Mapst 4.0

Mapst 4.0

The MAPST 4.0 system makes it possible to capture and historicize in real time the data from numerous devices (PLC\PC regardless brand) installed on automatic lines. Having completed the acquisition, the system, in the same manner, is able to communicate with high-level software such as SAP e\or other ERP models.
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The system features a machine layout with different colorations each indicative of a precise “machine state”; this allows immediate reading of the line status resulting in timely intervention by the operator. The program allows, in addition, to detect the performance of individual machines as well as those of the line. Detect and historicize the consumption of utilities (energy, air, water, etc.) and consumables.
Through the historicization of machine states over time there is the possibility of checking the performance in a given batch production so as to highlight any losses in efficiency.
Through the continuous collection of data, the system is able to provide the operator a real time detail of the alarms and efficiency of the individual machines present on the line.
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Funzionalità principali
del sistema MAPST4.0:

Mapst4.0 SYSTEM:

  • 1.

    Acquisition of data from devices
  • 2.

    Consultation of data in real time and/or historicized over a certain period
  • 3.

    Consumption analysis of utilities and consumables
  • 4.

    View real-time and historical alarms
  • 5.

    View the status of the line
  • 6.

    View the synoptic with the main data
  • 7.

    View the performance of the line and of the individual machines
  • 8.

    Data exchange with SAP or other management system

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